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I am a registered social worker and specialize in working with adults who have experienced anxiety/depression, stress, binge-eating disorder, chronic pain and past or recent trauma. Trauma can manifest as day-to-day challenges in your present life including PTSD, depression, anxiety, anger, guilt, self-blame and/or feeling numb.

Change is not easy, it is often chaotic and overwhelming, and usually causes more despair initially. I can be your associate to help navigate the next steps, so you can make wise choices using your emotional, mind and body wisdom. When you are connected to your inner wisdom and intelligence, your life becomes healthy and grounded, relationships are more intimate and loving, and quality of life becomes richer.

I use a holistic body-heart-and soul approach with those who are committed to growth and healing. I value a trusting, open, non-judgmental and collaborative process. By combining experience with compassion and respect, I am committed to supporting you in your journey toward clarity, transformation, and wellness.  I am committed to learning and attend trainings, workshops and supervision multiple times a year so I can create a highly customized treatment that is best for each individual. Truly witnessing and supporting others is my life’s work, and I do so with my heart and soul.

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